Hello there! My name is Karina Rosas and I img_5901am an artistpsychic medium and paranormal investigator with The Beyond Investigators of Orlando.    I studied ART at the University of Central FL.

I am a Reiki 3rd Degree, Ordained Minister and  a Thetahealing practitioner in Basic and Advanced DNA.

I have been studying paranormal and psychic phenomena for the past 15 years.


~Karina Rosas





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    3 Responses to About

    1. Archie says:

      Hey Karina,

      It was great meeting you Friday afternoon at the Hourglass. I enjoyed talking with you and was very impressed by your artistic skills.

      Best of luck with your art and with the wedding planning!


    2. Scott says:

      There is something I am struggling with, If you can tell me what that is I will schedule at least one reading.

      • karina says:

        I was receiving information about health. I see lungs. I was also picking up on anxiety/depression. this can exasperate the situation. This is not to get your business but hopefully you can get the needed treatment and be healthy.

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