Original Art

These are all Acrylic paintings.  This is my favorite medium to use when I paint.  ^__^


German Expressionism combo

German Express Watermark


French Expressionism combo

French Express Watermark


Cubism Georges Braque and Juan Gris combination

Cubism Combo Watermark


Surrealism combo

Surrealism Watermark


Minimalism Malevich and Mondrian combo

Minimalism Watermark



Expressionism Motherwell and Kilne Combo

Expressionism Watermark


Pop Art

Pop Art Watermark


Optical Art Asarely and Anuszkiewicz combination

Optical Art Watermark


Futurism Balla and Carra combo

Futurism Watermark


Impressionism Degas and Turner Combination

Impressionism Watermark


Pointillism, Seurat and Signac Combo

Pointalism Watermark


Japan Disaster Tribute

Japan Disaster Watermark



Asian Painting Commis Watermark



Confections Watermark


3 headed Vishnu in space self portrait

3 Headed Vishnu in space Watermark


Appropriation based on Hokusai

Hokusai Appropriation Watermark



Brittney Comiss Watermark



Fantasy Maiden Series


Floating Watermark




Pious Watermark



Angel Watermark



Fairy Portrait

Fairy Portrait Watermark



Sleeping Queen

Sleeping Queen Watermark



Wood Nymph stumbles upon fallen moon

Wood Nymph Watermark



This are mainly graphite but charcoal and others were added to some.  These are a combination of commissions and school work.  Woot!

Daughter Commis Portrait Watermark


Ed Org Recr Watermark


Marilyn Monroe Portrait Watermark


Mary Summer Rain Watermark


Muscle Portrait Watermark


Nicky n Chucky Portrait Watermark


No eyes in Hell Watermark


Old n Young No Eyes Watermark


Rachel Portrait Watermark


Rukia Self Portrait Watermark


Scarlet Fig Portrait Watermark


Self Portrait Happy n Sad Watermark


Adam Commis Portrait Watermark



Self Portrait Happy Watermark




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