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As you know, in addition to my Reiki I have also become a ThetaHealing Practitioner.  All well and good but what is ThetaHealing?  The ThetaHealing technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 in where she accessed the Theta Brain wave and healed a 9in tumor in her leg.  At the time she didn’t know how she accessed the Theta Brain wave which prompted her on her journey in discovering this life changing technique.   The ThetaHealing technique is a form of meditation and spiritual philosophy not specific to any one religion or belief (pretty much anyone can do this and anyone can be healed).

The purpose is to get closer to the Creator and facilitate healing and manifestations on all levels.  Through this meditation and prayer it can facilitate positive life changes ie. physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.  

You can tap into your own intuition rely on unconditional love and The Creator of All That Is to do the”work”.

We all have 5 different frequencies of brain wave:  Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Beta:  You are active and Alert

Alpha: You are relaxed and in a meditative state of mind, daydreaming, fantasizing etc.

Theta:  You are in a very deep state of relaxation used is hypnosis and dreaming, known as the subconscious.  First stage of the Dream State.

Delta: You are in a Deep Sleep, also this state is utilized when the phone rings and you “know” who is calling.

Gamma: The state of learning and processing information.  We can go in and out of Gamma in times of emergency.

In ThetaHealing you consciously access the Theta Brain Wave or the Seventh Plane.  In this Plane we connect with the Creator of All That Is to heal a person instantly.

Some will argue that this is the placebo effect.   In a study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, patients with depression taking placebos often believe that they are taking active medication and often believe that the treatment will work.  This belief increases activity in the frontal lobe Theta activity which may reflect a psychological mechanism related to natural (medication-free) healing for depression * 1′.

1′ Leuchte, A. F., Cook I. A., Morgan, M., And Abrams, M., ‘Changes in brain function of depressed subjects during treatment with placebo’, American Journal of Psychiatry 159 (2002), 122-9 (submitted by Aimee M. Hunter, PhD, NIMH Research Fellow)

I personally have witnessed instant healing in my own life and continue to seek more.  Questions on ThetaHealing?  Contact me!



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