New Meetup Group!!

1993 --- Hands Releasing Stars --- Image by © Clayton J. Price/CORBIS

You have been asking for it so  I finally made that Leap.   I have created a new meet up group called Inner Wisdom.   This meetup is for those who want to continuously develop their skills in Psychic mediumship. We learn about energy work, connect with past loved ones and pets. Learn to connect with Angels and learn which Angels are with you. This is for both the beginner and the intermediate. This group is for those who would like to practice, develop and see what skills they have or could have in a safe environment.

You never really know what your potential is unless you practice!

I am beginning a 6 week Psychic mediumship course starting Monday, March 28 at 7 PM.    The course is $20 per person and seats are limited so RSVP on the meet up website.   CLICK HERE to sign up and to start expanding your awareness and  psychic skills!!!

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