Entity classification and proper protocol

This presentation is intended for informative purposes only. Not all paranormal investigators follow this protocol but in my experience as a psychic medium this would be the proper steps to take when coming face-to-face with these entities. Whether you are investigating on your own or investigating for a client, great care should be taken. As with any investigation there are risks and chances that an investigator will take but with proper knowledge of the situation you can make the right call.

Residual imprints:

I would like to start off speaking about the most common types of pseudo-hauntings which would be residual imprints. Many clients Report of paranormal instances that replay over and over whether they be at certain times of the day or night or specific times of the month. Many report that these instances are the same every time re-played over and over with no consciousness of the living or it’s actual environment. For example a few haunting’s in Saint Augustine Florida, which I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with, report that they will see an entity every evening at the same time with its feet just below the floorboards. This would be explained by the fact that the original floor was a foot below and the residual energy keeps replaying the same instance over and over according to its original environment completely disregarding the new environment and residents. So what are they? These residual imprints are exactly that, energetic recordings of a dramatic or traumatic event Who’s energy was so great it actually imprinted on the surrounding energetic environment. These imprints have no consciousness no awareness and no real motive or Will. These types of hauntings are very much benign,they do not harm the living. The most common complaint would just be more of an annoyance and more so A fear factor. If the client truly wants these imprints removed it would be simply a case of a trained psychic medium to do an energetic clearing of the surrounding environment no other care should be needed. If allowed these imprints will continue to replay until the end of time.

Wayward entities:

Moving along a step up would be human wayward entities. These are actually spirits that lived human lives and still reside in the realm of the living. Wayward human hauntings can range from benign to extreme disturbances. The difference between these waywards are as vast and grand as the human race itself because you have to remember these were once living human people with their own personalities, motivations and their own opinions. The main reason they remain behind and have not crossed over is an attachment to people places and things.

 Or sometimes the fear of crossing over.

However I caution you even though these wayward entities were once human, doesn’t mean that they are for the greatest and highest good. These once human entities can cause disturbances within the home. The most common motivation for these entities would just be in acknowledgment of their presence in general, they just want to be seen they don’t want to be forgotten and they’re just making a ruckus to let you know that they are still there. These disturbances can include playful moving of objects, knocking on doors and can escalate to full-blown apparitions, footsteps and vocal manifestations as in calling one’s name. The biggest tool for an investigator to identify which entity you’re dealing with would be your digital recorder. Asking questions and getting real time answers is a great asset to putting all the pieces together. If after your first electronic voice phenomenon or EVP session with your digital recorder does not yield proper evidence of what you’re dealing with then my suggestion to you would be to bring in a train psychic medium to evaluate the environment. OK moving forward, you’ve established that you have a human wayward entity haunting in the clients home…now what? Tread lightly because this is not your decision on what to do next. The decision to be made would be up to the client, if all they’re asking is for evidence of the entity in the home then that’s all that you have to provide. If they feel that they no longer can live side by side with the wayward and they wish to get rid of the entity then a few options can be given. The first one is the easiest which is actually having an EVP session with the entity and asking it to either leave or to reside in harmony with the client,see if you can get a real time answer. Usually this is all that is required and the entity will agree.

If this is not the case and the entity is resistant you have to be mindful first of the clients belief and cultural background. Suggesting they confide in their own religious practitioner to help with the clearing and blessing would be number one. If this is not an option then you can suggest bringing in a psychic medium to cross over the entity and then do a clearing of the residual energy.

If none of the above are options for the client the only thing that they really can do is move to a new residence. At this point you’ve done all you can and you shouldn’t push the boundaries any further and close the case.

 Native American Waywards:

The next entity that I have in mind are the native American human waywards. These entities are human but protocol to be followed is different. Native American history has a very mixed background and dealing with these entities you must be mindful that they do not follow modern traditional religious teachings. They typically do not respond to Caucasian male and female investigators for reasons I’m sure we are pretty much aware of. Not all Native American waywards are violent in nature but it has been reported that these entities can mimic demonic in nature. They can move objects they can scratch they can push they can growl. They pull all the stops and scare tactics to get you off of their land. Bringing in a psychic medium would only help in identifying the entity only if your E VP sessions have revealed nothing. Native American waywards do not want to be crossed over to the light because many of their belief systems suggest that crossing over into the light means you lose yourself and your own consciousness and you become assimilated into the light collective. Your best option at this point would be finding a local shaman or Native American religious practitioner to resolve the waywards issue and to establish a balance with the energy. If the client is open to this then proceed forward if not then there’s really nothing you can do on your part and you have to close the case.

Shadow people:

 The next entity on the list is shadow people and I thought this would be a great subject to bridge the subject of demonic. Many psychic mediums are baffled on the subject of shadow people, some are not sure if they’re human or if they are demonic or alien in nature. In my professional opinion they are both. They are very similar in nature but you have to be careful on identifying which is which. Human waywards can become shadow people simply by their own personal motivation in the haunting. When they were alive they probably had a dark personality. Naturally they could become dark as an entity and manifest in corners as dark thick blobs of a black mass, whispers, manipulation of children and animals. Movement of objects slamming of doors. Human shadow people however do not respond dramatically to religious icons. If you have a human shadow person then proceed with the previous protocol that I mentioned earlier regarding human waywards.

Demonic entity:

 My next subject will explain how to identify that you have a demonic entity. Coming face-to-face with the demonic entity in the paranormal field is very rare But not uncommon. This is not to deter you or scare you but it’s good to arm yourself with knowledge. This is just the reality of paranormal investigations. These particular entities thrive and feed on negative energy. The most common areas they reside in are places where traumatic or dramatic events have occurred including hospital and psychiatric facilities that have had more than questionable practices. These particular areas pulsate with the negative energy and lasting residual imprints that demonic entities thrive on. However residential homes can have a demonic infestation and typically the weaker residents of the home will be commonly under attack and be the focus of the haunting. Demonic entities range in hierarchy, I won’t go into the different ones I am not a demonologist but they do have different levels of strength. Lower tier foot soldiers are the weakest in the hierarchy but nevertheless can inflict damage. When you go higher up in the hierarchy as an generals these entities can throw a grown man across the room. Typical signs are in fact black masses of energy, reports of growling, a feeling of oppression in the home or area, movement of religious items, physical scratches appearing on the clients body usually in threes which is the typical mocking of the holy Trinity. Usually health issues are a common theme within the family members or residents. Changes in personality is also a common theme these entities can influence moods and thrive on the outcome. If your equipment or EVP sessions yield nothing this is not an uncommon event. These entities do not want to be found out and will hide. It is typical to get more evidence on the second investigation. If evidence is not clear then your second option would be to bring in a psychic medium to evaluate the environment and to confirm the haunting. Let’s say you have confirmed that you have a demonic entity on your hands…. So now what?

 If this is not a clients home and you were just investigating a psychiatric ward etc. you do nothing and you get out of there. The last thing you want is to have this thing follow you home. If this is a clients home first thing to do is to see what the religious and cultural background of the client is and then suggest that they go with their own religious practitioner of their choosing. If this is not an option then you can suggest having a psychic medium coming to the Home do a clearing first and then a blessing. If a blessing is done first this can irritate the entity and come back to retaliate on the client later on. These particular entities can be relentless so multiple clearing and blessings may be needed. It’s good to continue contact with the client to see their status. If the client is too afraid to receive help there’s nothing you can do and you have to close the case.

 You as a paranormal investigator will figure out your own protocols and your own system when dealing with different entities clients and team members. What I have told you today is not written in stone but to my knowledge and my experience this would be the best course of action so I say to all of you have fun be careful and happy investigations.

If you’re having paranormal issues and you are in the Orlando area, we may be able to help..you can contact my paranormal team through our website The Beyond Investigators Orlando.   

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    It’s not me….it’s your land O_o

    Victorian Farmers

    How many times have I been asked…”Why is my house haunted?!?”   Too many to count really.  Let’s face it, people have to deal with paranormal problems.   Some people choose to except it and ignore most of it…for years even!  I get why…they think that if you ignore it, it will go away….Hell no!   That’s not how it works.  Ignoring it sometimes exasperates the situation.  These entities are making a ruckus for a reason….to get your attention!   What happens when you ignore an entity that wants your attention?  It will increase it’s efforts to get the attention it desires.

    Why would entities even care what we think?  Think about it.   These dead folks are no different than living folks…they have all the hang ups and emotional problems that living people have…they just don’t have a body. If you were walking around trying to talk about your problems to people that can’t hear you…wouldn’t you starting banging pots and pans? These hang ups and issues don’t go away, even after a haunted house has been demolished.   What happens when the haunted house is demolished?…..welp….you get haunted land!  Yay!  (she said in a sarcastic tone)   Then what happens when you build a new house on the land?  Boom!  Another haunted house complete with dead peeps with issues.

    Take for example a paranormal investigation my team and I did just outside Orlando.  I am with The Beyond Investigators of Orlando.  The lead investigator received a message from a woman that was living with her family in a fairly new home.  They had complaints of a dark figure entering the living room when they were watching TV.  When the lead investigator was interviewing the family, he heard the disembodied voice of a woman….they all experienced and heard the voice at the same time.    The building itself did not have much history to it.  When I arrived I immediately asked if I could do a walk through.   First thing I encountered were three lovely dressed women (I’d say late 1800’s) Sipping tea in the family room…chit chatting away like nothing has changed since their time.  They kinda of looked me up and down ( probably wondering why I was dressed so inappropriately) they continued sipping tea.   Interesting….

    The next entity I encountered was a man in the hall way.  He was a laborer type who passed away from a fall.  He stated that he worked the land and felt entitled to come and go as he pleased.  He died falling from a ladder and suffered a head injury.   I felt he was the main source of the activity.  I did feel a presence of an elderly woman in the one of the rooms…( I later learned it was the home owners mother), I felt a young adolescent energy (…home owner confirmed it was a rebellious daughter who was still alive that practiced white magic previously in the home), and an old man in the attic (who didn’t do much at all).

    As we moved forward with the investigation, the night vision cameras captured orbs galore.  They had been following us throughout the home.  I had a device called an OVILUS in my hand.  This device has a database of thousands of words.  It also takes readings of the surrounding environment including Electromagnetic Field, Ions in the air and other environmental factors.  Then these readings are assigned a number and each number is associated with different words.  The device then speaks and displays the word.  The theory is that entities can influence the EMF and Ions in order to communicate through the OVILUS.  As we went on, the OVILUS wouldn’t shut up.  It was displaying words like FALL, LAND, WORRY, PARANORMAL.   The Land worker entity was pretty worried we were here to remove him.  He strongly felt that this was HIS land.

    I went on to ask more questions and at that moment I saw movement of energy.  I quickly said “Hey guys I see movement!”  Two seconds after I said that the lead investigator’s chain around his neck got pulled.   It was obvious this entity had a lot of hang ups about people moving in on his territory so he was not shy to show it.   After the investigation, the homeowner inquired why there was a haunting in their home. She was explaining that the home itself is not that old and they have never had a truly traumatic event to warrant such activity.    I quickly explained that it had nothing to do with the house itself.   It was their land.  Turns out before the house was built it was orange groves worked by many laborers.  Of course it came with a history of accidents and death on the land.   With this kind of case it’s not a matter of just burning sage and doing a house blessing.  The land itself needs to be cleansed which requires a little more than a priest from your local church.   I gave them the option of performing this for them ( I do charge separate from the team, it’s an equal exchange so I would rather not hear everyone’s opinions on it ;)).  I never heard back from them again.   I guess they decided to stick out and ignore the situation.   I don’t see that working out very well….good luck to them.

    If you or anyone you know are having TRUE paranormal problems please contact my team The Beyond Investigators of Orlando and we will do it we can. Be safe and be smart!


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      You want a ghost? Then you’ll get one.

      Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jon Santa Cruz / Rex Features (582062k) Ouija board with pointer VARIOUS - 2006

      I am a paranormal investigator and psychic medium. Many people ask how does a haunting happen? There are many reasons why a haunting can occur. First one being it can be the residence or location itself. A dramatic event or trauma can leave impressions on a location. Humans are very attached to the physical plane so when they pass or die some of them are still very much attached to people places and things unfortunately.
      Second one is the land itself. People that build new houses on a particular land with history will find that before long their house is haunted or infested with paranormal activity. Duh! I like to use the analogy if you build a house on the land that has a really bad bug problem you are going to have a bug problem in that house so to speak.
      Third one is someone brings in the entities. Now I know what you’re thinking…Who the hell would even do that, that’s crazy! Well this is one of the more common hauntings I have seen. Some people don’t mean to attract it but they just happen to have certain abilities and sensitivities which makes them susceptible to paranormal activity and that is how it will be for the rest of their lives. These types of people I would suggest learning about their abilities and learning about different techniques in order to control their environment and to ease paranormal infestation. If this happens to be you contact me for a reading and I will advise you how to control it.
      Now on the other side of the spectrum are those people who purposely bring in entities into their environment. They either A: perform rituals or spells to bring in certain entities or B: use the Ouija board.
      Example B is the most detrimental. People! If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t mess with it Geez! Not to say that the Ouija board is not a useful tool because it is if you know what you’re doing. I always say if you’re not a surgeon don’t do surgery! Of course not everybody follows this advice.
      Take for example the second investigation I did with my team The Beyond Investigators. This particular investigation was a little bit past Orlando and it was the second investigation the team was performing  for the homeowners (no names will be provided in order to protect the clients identity). It’s not uncommon to perform more than one investigation because entities will hide from you if they’re not used to you which will yield no evidence. The client insisted that there was paranormal activity so we decided to try again. When I arrived there I noticed two things, One the client had the ghost hunters TV show playing…. Second I noticed more and more people start to arrive like it was a paranormal party. Red flag!
      When I met with the homeowners I could tell that they were drinking and inviting people to see the “show”. The team and I spoke and we decided to go ahead with the investigation…now here is the disclaimer: This is something that we do not usually do especially when the homeowner is under the influence. Don’t do that people!! Be sober when you invite people to investigate your home and don’t have a party!! However, the homeowners were having a bad time with the paranormal activity so we were going to be in and out at least we were going to try.
      In the initial interview that I had with the female homeowner she had stated that she used her Ouija board often and that she was very “in tune”. That was a correct statement and I did feel that she had some abilities but her knowledge on the subject was very limited and I felt that it was very dangerous of her to use the Ouija board without proper technique. We went ahead and set up the equipment, we set up the recorders to conduct EVP sessions, EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon, this is where our technological devices are a little bit more sensitive and can capture voices that are otherwise unheard by the human ear. We set up a night vision cameras strategically placed throughout the home where activity is more prevalent. We also set up a laser grid which will allow us to see any movement within the room.
      I did a quick walk-through throughout the house and I noticed two entities in particular, one in the kitchen and one in the main living area. The entity in the kitchen was a cowboy or he worked on a farm, he had a hat and a bad attitude. The second entity is where my heartstrings get tugged here because she was a young child. The man in the kitchen swore up-and-down that he belonged there and that he had ownership which is bullshit because he’s dead and he does no longer have any ownership but dead people don’t get that fact sometimes. I felt the cowboy in the kitchen was the one doing the most harm, touching people ,whispering and movement of objects. The little girl entity just happens to be lost but she did have an element of playfulness. I did also sense a grown female in the bathroom but she didn’t really do much so I did not inquire further.

      We went ahead and did our typical investigation…EVP sessions, asking questions and noting any anomalies on the night vision cameras. We did notice a lot of movement on the night vision cameras,orbs mostly. Other than that evidence was minimal. At the end of the investigation I briefly spoke with the homeowners which by that point we’re getting into pretty heavy intoxication so it was difficult communicating. At this point the female homeowner denied using the Ouija board….. yeah I don’t think so. Don’t lie to me people because I know when you are… especially when you already confided to me that you in fact use the Ouija board. If the homeowners were sober I could instruct them better but that was not the case. They asked me what could be done and I in formed them that even if I came in there and did a complete clearing on the home, the fact that they used the Ouija board would trump any cleansing that is performed. I just gave them the advice to stop using the Ouija board immediately.
      Intuitively I knew that the homeowners would in fact continue using the Ouija board and paranormal activity would not cease. Again I can only help others who help themselves. The fact is the female homeowner really wanted the ghosts there and that’s exactly what she got. Curiosity can get the best of us and I above all others understand this. Dabbling however can get you into trouble… if you truly are curious learn the proper steps and techniques in order to explore safely.
      If you or anyone you know are having TRUE paranormal problems please contact my team The Beyond Investigators of Orlando and we will do it we can. Be safe and be smart!

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        My first demon


        You may or may not be aware that I am a paranormal investigator. I am with The Beyond Investigators. What does that mean exactly? Well that’s just it, we go to peoples houses or places of business and conduct scientific investigations using the latest technology in order to capture evidence of paranormal activity. We then give the client the evidence. Sounds humdrum? It can be sometimes. Everything that you see on the shows can be bull shit. It’s just that…..a show. Sometimes we don’t capture anything and sometimes we do. I myself sense waaaaay more than what our technology can capture.Take for instance an investigation we did in Daytona. (No names will be provided in order to protect the identity of the client.) This was my very first investigation with the team. Before I even got there I knew we were dealing with a demonic entity. Crap!!! My very first investigation and this is what I have to deal with? I have dealt with them in the past and know they can be some nasty customers. Was I afraid? No… More nervous than anything. I also knew that this thing was not a General (high ranking), it was in fact a foot soldier…. Not very powerful but can still inflict damage. The family was already complaining of being scratched, children and animals being harassed and exasperating feelings of depression.
        As soon as I walk in I sensed it’s presence. It immediately recognized that I knew it was there and bolted. It stayed away from the investigators and myself. It did not want to be found out. So we continued on with the investigation per protocol. Some orbs were captured on the night vision cameras but that was pretty much it…. Like I said it did not want to be captured. Entities will do that… They can cause havoc then hide like cowards.

        It wasn’t until we pulled out the Spirit Box. The Spirit Box is a device that filters through radio frequencies at a very high rate which sounds like white noise. The theory is that entities can speak through these frequencies. So we started asking questions. Different members of the team took turns asking questions….. Nothing. I then hopped on and asked “how does it feel to know that I know what it is?” Immediately it came through the spirit box and shouted “You’re Ugly!” I then asked “what if I brought in St Michael the Archangel to come in and put his flaming sword up it’s ass?!” It retorted “F*** you!!” What a mouth he had on him! Not long after that the lead investigator was physically touched.


        This thing is devoid of divine love, empathy or light. One of the things people don’t realize is that with paranormal investigations there is a real chance you will encounter demonic entities. Some are like the one I’m talking about and can poke and scratch you. Others can take a grown man and throw him clear across the room. There is always a risk. The best thing to do is call the professionals to deal with it.

        I ended up finding out this demons name and crossed it over to God’s white light. It’s a different spin on how to handle demons. Usually it’s about punishing them and casting them back to hell. I would rather forgive it and send it back to God.

        The client herself had abilities meaning she was sensitive like I am. She was pretty much attracting paranormal activity into her home. She had no interest in learning more about it in order to protect herself. We can only help those who help themselves.

        If you or anyone you know have TRUE paranormal problems and need help, contact my team The Beyond Investigators of Orlando. We will do what we can. In the mean time be safe and smart about it!

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          New Meetup Group!!

          1993 --- Hands Releasing Stars --- Image by © Clayton J. Price/CORBIS

          You have been asking for it so  I finally made that Leap.   I have created a new meet up group called Inner Wisdom.   This meetup is for those who want to continuously develop their skills in Psychic mediumship. We learn about energy work, connect with past loved ones and pets. Learn to connect with Angels and learn which Angels are with you. This is for both the beginner and the intermediate. This group is for those who would like to practice, develop and see what skills they have or could have in a safe environment.

          You never really know what your potential is unless you practice!

          I am beginning a 6 week Psychic mediumship course starting Monday, March 28 at 7 PM.    The course is $20 per person and seats are limited so RSVP on the meet up website.   CLICK HERE to sign up and to start expanding your awareness and  psychic skills!!!

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            Faces in the Water! O_o

            I’ve heard of this technique of recording video of moving water while at the same time asking if there are any past loved ones or animals that would like to come through….and this is what I got…some I recognize as family and an old pet… (see the dog image) and others are not familiar.  If any of these images rings true to you don’t ignore it!  Let me know.  There is a reason why.

            This one is unfamiliar, you can make out the eyes and the jaw line.

            Snapshot 1 (7-1-2015 1-03 PM) (2) (538x649)



            See the old man with the hat?

            Snapshot 1 (7-1-2015 8-07 PM) (2)


            The eyes and jaw line are easy enough but can you actually see that bow tie and mustache?  I wonder what era….

            Snapshot 2 (7-1-2015 9-07 PM) (2)


            I see my old dog pepper in this one, her eyes are closed and her nose is line with her paw in front of her…I’m glad she came through

            Snapshot 3 (7-1-2015 9-08 PM) (2)



            This one is the silohuette of my grandma….I recognized it immediately, she is facing left

            Snapshot 4 (7-1-2015 9-09 PM) (2)


            I will be continuing these readings…..if you are interested in contacting a loved one, we can try and see what comes through.  Email me!

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              Emotional causes of Disease? What the….?!?



              “What?  Are you serious?  Are you saying my acne is caused by my feeling of being threatened?”  I mean that’s what I said at first.  After really having this concept brought to my attention I really started to look at it a bit more closely.  I have had some acne and skin problems for quite sometime.  It didn’t get out of hand until around 2012.  When I looked back at that time in my life it made sense.  I was at the turning point where I couldn’t just not have a purpose/career/ whatever.  I was searching endlessly pretty much for my own happiness. I felt that others had authority and I had none.  Basically feeling powerless.

              Well what is skin?  It is your protection against the outside world.  It is your blanket against outside invaders and intruders more or less.  Back in 2012 I was feeling “thin skinned” and there was no self nurturing happening.  Reiki will teach that all disease and dis-ease has an emotional root cause.  Skin problems are categorized as being caused by a Threatened Individuality, others have power over you, Thin skinned, feeling skinned alive and a need of self nurturing.  BINGO!!

              That made the biggest sense to me.  It’s like if someone just slapped me back to reality.  I have started my path to my happiness and life purpose so my acne problems have gotten better but by all means not completely gone because I’m not completely there yet.

              One of the things that I love about Reiki is that it doesn’t just cure you.  It actually heals you and gets to the root cause in order to bring things back into balance.

              Take a look at the list below and see if anything rings true to you.  This could be your wake up call to the path of your own personal healing as well as the path of awakening.  There are no coincidences.  You were meant to read this.  Contact me if you have any questions on this subject.

              emotional sources

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                Some ThetaHealing explained…


                As you know, in addition to my Reiki I have also become a ThetaHealing Practitioner.  All well and good but what is ThetaHealing?  The ThetaHealing technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 in where she accessed the Theta Brain wave and healed a 9in tumor in her leg.  At the time she didn’t know how she accessed the Theta Brain wave which prompted her on her journey in discovering this life changing technique.   The ThetaHealing technique is a form of meditation and spiritual philosophy not specific to any one religion or belief (pretty much anyone can do this and anyone can be healed).

                The purpose is to get closer to the Creator and facilitate healing and manifestations on all levels.  Through this meditation and prayer it can facilitate positive life changes ie. physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.  

                You can tap into your own intuition rely on unconditional love and The Creator of All That Is to do the”work”.

                We all have 5 different frequencies of brain wave:  Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

                Beta:  You are active and Alert

                Alpha: You are relaxed and in a meditative state of mind, daydreaming, fantasizing etc.

                Theta:  You are in a very deep state of relaxation used is hypnosis and dreaming, known as the subconscious.  First stage of the Dream State.

                Delta: You are in a Deep Sleep, also this state is utilized when the phone rings and you “know” who is calling.

                Gamma: The state of learning and processing information.  We can go in and out of Gamma in times of emergency.

                In ThetaHealing you consciously access the Theta Brain Wave or the Seventh Plane.  In this Plane we connect with the Creator of All That Is to heal a person instantly.

                Some will argue that this is the placebo effect.   In a study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, patients with depression taking placebos often believe that they are taking active medication and often believe that the treatment will work.  This belief increases activity in the frontal lobe Theta activity which may reflect a psychological mechanism related to natural (medication-free) healing for depression * 1′.

                1′ Leuchte, A. F., Cook I. A., Morgan, M., And Abrams, M., ‘Changes in brain function of depressed subjects during treatment with placebo’, American Journal of Psychiatry 159 (2002), 122-9 (submitted by Aimee M. Hunter, PhD, NIMH Research Fellow)

                I personally have witnessed instant healing in my own life and continue to seek more.  Questions on ThetaHealing?  Contact me!



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                  What is Reiki?!?

                  Good question.  Many people know about Reiki but there are still many who are totally out of the loop.  No worries.  I’ll give you a quick run down essentially what it is all about.  Rei-Ki is a Japanese term, Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom” or “High Power” and Ki meaning Life Force Energy.  The Chinese use the term Chi which many westerners are more familiar with.  We all have Reiki, we would be dead without it.  0% Reiki is death and 100% Reiki is Enlightened like Buddha or Jesus, we are somewhere in the middle.  If our bodies are ill or we feel stressed on a constant basis, then our natural Reiki is low. If we are at our ultimate peak of health than our Reiki is high.

                  The actual use of Reiki healing is a Japanese based technique of laying of the hands in order for the Reiki energy to flow in the body and the Chakras dislodging any blockages.  Reiki can heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease.  If a person is already healthy then the biggest affect one can feel is a relaxed and refreshing sensation.

                  Reiki has an intelligence.  Many don’t feel comfortable using the term “Reiki Healer” because the person doing Reiki isn’t really doing anything at all.  A Reiki practitioner can direct overall where the Reiki will flow but Reiki energy will go where it is needed.  Once the blockages have been dissolved then the body can begin it’s own natural healing process.  So essentially the person receiving Reiki are healing themselves.

                  One can become a Reiki practitioner by getting attunements from a Reiki Master.  Traditionally there are three levels of Reiki: Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Level 3.  Reiki Level 1 simply put can heal themselves others and animals.  Reiki Level 2 learns the 3 sacred symbols in order to heal long distance.  Reiki Level 3 is Reiki Master, not only do you learn the last of the sacred symbols but you yourself can attune others to Reiki. I was attuned by my Reiki Master Lisa Toney who has a wonderful energy and presence.

                  Getting attunement by a Reiki master means that they open you up to the Reiki healing energy a lot more strongly than most.  At this point Reiki will now flow through your Lotus Crown Chakra down your Third eye Chakra through your Heart Chakra and out of your hands.  Once you have been attuned to Reiki it is with you for life, even if you haven’t used Reiki to heal in many years it will still be with you till the day you die.

                  Reiki is a very safe natural and beautiful method of healing and anyone can use it.  If you feel the pull towards Reiki than answer it!  They say you don’t find Reiki, Reiki finds you.  If you truly are interested in the healing of Reiki you can Contact Me through my website or email.

                  *Your practitioner is not a licensed physician. REIKI is a complement to ‘healing arts services licensed by the state’, ie, it is a complement to more traditional western medicine provided by doctors, nurse and hospitals. Information on this website is not intended as a substitute for advice from a registered physician or other healthcare professional.

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                    I’m “coming out”….I am a MEDIUM!

                    Wow…right?  Who says that?   I guess at first glance people would think..” Is she coming out in the gay community or what!?”  No , I am happily married and hetero…. This is not what this blog post is about.  “Then what the hell is a medium?”  Well it simply means you can communicate with the dead.  When I say dead I mean those that have passed…died…are deceased.   You’ve seen the reality shows that give it a bit of glamor hence Long Island Medium or Psychic Tia  etc.   It’s not like that, at least not for me.  I don’t get woken up in the middle of the night and I don’t go around giving random readings on the street because Old Uncle Albert has a message for ya.   In my opinion that’s kind of rude.  You can bet the Long Island Medium has a team following her with waivers in hand ready to be signed.

                    I suppose not many people knew this fact about me…and hell I didn’t even know this fact about me.   It wasn’t until earlier this year in 2015 that I took my first ever psychic mediumship class that this fact was presented to me.  I actually honed in on a fellow classmate’s father who had passed….the confirmation and the dead on (no pun intended) accuracy was enough for me.  Others in the class were also sensing exactly what I was sensing which was enough for me to say to myself…guess I can talk to the dead now.

                    So what does it mean for me?  Nothing really.  I am still the same I just realized a latent skill inside my own head.  It’s not like I can hear booming voices in my mind like a megaphone…no.   I would be a little startled if that were the case.  It’s actually more subtle than that, almost like a whisper.  I really have to tune in and trust in my gut that the information that I’m getting is accurate.   Easier said than done right?  I mean I guess I have always had this ability but I never had the confirmation that the information was right so I supposed I brushed it off as my own wild imagination.  That is how most psychic/medium info is transmuted….through your imagination.   If one can trust their own instincts and follow it through, they would be surprised how psychic they truly are!  Just like Psychic Medium Chip Coffey says… “No Fear, No Doubt!”

                    Truly wonderful words to live by.   I will be posting more about my development and other topics for I am certain this is only the beginning for me.  Stay Open!

                    Light and Love,

                    ~Karina Rosas


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