Hello there! My name is Karina Rosas and I img_5901am an artistpsychic medium and paranormal investigator with The Beyond Investigators of Orlando.    I studied ART at the University of Central FL.

I am a Reiki 3rd Degree, Ordained Minister and  a Thetahealing practitioner in Basic and Advanced DNA. I can receive information from past loved ones as a way to validate that their essences are not lost and they are very much “alive” just not in the way we perceive. I also have the ability to read energy’s to facilitate personal readings.  I tap into one’s energy to receive information otherwise hidden from the normal senses.  I then interpret this information and then relay it to the living.  Questions can be answered, thoughts can be conveyed, and insight to one’s life and path can be revealed.

This method is used to not only contact past loved ones but also to contact and relay messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and other high level beings.

I have been studying paranormal and psychic phenomena for the past 15 years and have been in practice since 2010.  I offer readings in person or on the phone.  My rates vary so contact me to set up a time.  Light and Love!


~Karina Rosas





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    3 Responses to About

    1. Archie says:

      Hey Karina,

      It was great meeting you Friday afternoon at the Hourglass. I enjoyed talking with you and was very impressed by your artistic skills.

      Best of luck with your art and with the wedding planning!


    2. Scott says:

      There is something I am struggling with, If you can tell me what that is I will schedule at least one reading.

      • karina says:

        I was receiving information about health. I see lungs. I was also picking up on anxiety/depression. this can exasperate the situation. This is not to get your business but hopefully you can get the needed treatment and be healthy.

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