I’m “coming out”….I am a MEDIUM!

Wow…right?  Who says that?   I guess at first glance people would think..” Is she coming out in the gay community or what!?”  No , I am happily married and hetero…. This is not what this blog post is about.  “Then what the hell is a medium?”  Well it simply means you can communicate with the dead.  When I say dead I mean those that have passed…died…are deceased.   You’ve seen the reality shows that give it a bit of glamor hence Long Island Medium or Psychic Tia  etc.   It’s not like that, at least not for me.  I don’t get woken up in the middle of the night and I don’t go around giving random readings on the street because Old Uncle Albert has a message for ya.   In my opinion that’s kind of rude.  You can bet the Long Island Medium has a team following her with waivers in hand ready to be signed.

I suppose not many people knew this fact about me…and hell I didn’t even know this fact about me.   It wasn’t until earlier this year in 2015 that I took my first ever psychic mediumship class that this fact was presented to me.  I actually honed in on a fellow classmate’s father who had passed….the confirmation and the dead on (no pun intended) accuracy was enough for me.  Others in the class were also sensing exactly what I was sensing which was enough for me to say to myself…guess I can talk to the dead now.

So what does it mean for me?  Nothing really.  I am still the same I just realized a latent skill inside my own head.  It’s not like I can hear booming voices in my mind like a megaphone…no.   I would be a little startled if that were the case.  It’s actually more subtle than that, almost like a whisper.  I really have to tune in and trust in my gut that the information that I’m getting is accurate.   Easier said than done right?  I mean I guess I have always had this ability but I never had the confirmation that the information was right so I supposed I brushed it off as my own wild imagination.  That is how most psychic/medium info is transmuted….through your imagination.   If one can trust their own instincts and follow it through, they would be surprised how psychic they truly are!  Just like Psychic Medium Chip Coffey says… “No Fear, No Doubt!”

Truly wonderful words to live by.   I will be posting more about my development and other topics for I am certain this is only the beginning for me.  Stay Open!

Light and Love,

~Karina Rosas


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