1. Theta hands

There are many different ways that psychics and mediums pick up information. These can include:

Clairvoyance – seeing info
Clairaudience – hearing info
Clairsentient –  feeling info
Claircognizant – just knowing

Not one method in better than the other.  I tend to touch upon all of these methods in the reading.

My process is simple, I connect with the energy and read accordingly.  Time and space are an illusion so you don’t have to be near me to get a proper reading.  I connect on what’s called the 7th Plane of existence which is the highest and safest plane to connect with.  Through this connection I contact loved ones, guides, angels, facilitate readings and healings . I always ask that we are safe to communicate in the highest and best way.

I  no longer offer  personal readings.    What I offer is insight in your own abilities.    For those that are interested in taking their abilities a step further or to find out more regarding their own gifts.


On site readings  can only be accessed through my paranormal team The Beyond investigators of Orlando .    My team should only be contacted if you truly have a paranormal problem and need an investigation.

*Please remember that with any psychic consultation, it is for your own entertainment, amusement, and information and 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Your own free will and the course of life’s events can alter the course of a reading.



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